Fiberglass Composite Structures

Fiberglass Handrails

Fiberglass structural handrails are the ideal solution to provide safety in your facility. Lightweight but incredibly strong, these FRP handrail systems meet all OSHA and US Building Codes. The composite construction provides a durable system that will never rust, rot, or corrode. The integral pigment and UV inhibitors in the components make these handrails ideal for both interior and exterior applications with minimal maintenance.  Our FRP Handrail systems are available in both round and square configurations and are available as removable sections, base mounted, concrete embedded, or side mounted systems.



Corrosion Proof

Never Needs Painting

Custom Built to your Requirements

FRP Handrails are also Electro-magnetically transparent and can be used around transmitters without interference.

ILS Platform Handrail RDU International Airport

Riverbanks Zoo Columbia, SC