Fiberglass Composite Structures

Metal Stair Replacement Systems

If your commercial or industrial facility has exterior steel stairs or steel framed concrete pad stairs, you probably know already the maintenance issues. Steel rusts, concrete pads crack, the entire stair system gets compromised over time. This degradation is only intensified with chemical deicing.

Stairways are where most slips and falls occur. A single accident can cost thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost production. Our FRP Stair Systems are designed to meet all applicable local and OSHA codes. They will never rust, rot, or corrode and require minimal maitenance over their expected life which in most applications is +30 years. Integral UV inhibitors and pigments provide a durable colorfast system ideally suited for exterior use.

Before you repair that aging metal stairway again, give us a call and let us show you a composite solution.

Here's a before and after photo's of a recent project

Before:  Rusted exterior stairway at Ripley's Aquarium

After: the installation of our Fiberglass Stair System